Remembering to Do Things is Hard.

Especially when you are trying to remember that you shouldn’t forget things.

I’m trying not to forget things. But it is a lot harder than it should be, since I tend to forget things. Especially when I’m excited or angry. And even worse, whenever I get excited or angry, I tend to lose things. Like the note I wrote this morning which said stop forgetting things. And the cycle continues.

Its also quite hard to blog when you forget things……….. I hope I don’t forget to post to my blog again >.<


Getting Your First Views

Getting your first views is a really exciting thing! In fact, it makes everything even more interesting. Instead of feeling like you are posting to a ghost, you feel like someone reads it, and you look forward to posting something new. I have a drawing tablet, and after getting a more powerful computer (which doesn’t lag when I’m drawing) I can finally start to learn to draw!!!

I still suck at drawing though, though I am better with a pencil and a piece of paper, I am learning to draw anime.

P.S. If you couldn’t tell I suck at drawing.

Waiting is Hard. Really Hard.


Image credit to Phillip Kelley.

You know that feeling when a package you’ve been waiting for all week is expected to be delivered today? I absolutely hate that feeling, because it stretches the day out from a 1 mile sprint to the finishing line to a 7 hour long marathon, which takes forever to finish.

And then the shipping company says that it’ll take another day for the package to arrive. All your waiting for nothing. And so the cycle repeats, until FINALLY, after what seems to be an eternity, the package arrives. The rest of the day turns into a blur, and you finally get to accomplish the task you wanted to do.

Why You Should Never Let Me Make Decisions With Money

I like spending money, particularly on computer hardware, which can get expensive. These days, the rage is all about SSDs, which are coming down in price particularly quickly. And since I’m building a computer right now, I have a bunch of hard decisions. Which are doubled in hardness considering sales.

“Should I get this SSD, or that one… ” and eventually after a few hours of sitting, doing almost nothing, I have a choice. Except the day after I finally make the decision to purchase one, I find a cheaper SSD and decide to return my previous SSD.

It takes me weeks to decide to get an SSD and keep it, until which I decide to wait some more (which doesn’t work out since SSDs are often on sale and go down in price anyways). And after a month, I finally make a decision. Which I regret afterwards. So don’t give me money. And we both won’t regret it.

So Here’s the Plan

Write a blog. Yup. That simple. And also read of my epic failures in life. 

What’s going to be in the blog?

  • Pictures. Definitely Pictures. I love taking pictures.
  • Drawings. Did I mention I like to draw? 
  • Words. Because yeah. 
  • Eventually pictures of interesting stuff. Depends on what happens.

So a little about me. Before I actually start blogging. I’m a teenaged boy who like listening to and playing music. I also am decent with technology (I guess???). I like to draw and also take pictures, though I procrastinate the shit out of everything. Also. I like money. And free stuff. 

More stuff added to this page as I feel like it..

My Steam Profile.

Don’t Stalk me.